Lexi-Mae G


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Lexi-Mae G


Location: Manchester
Height: 3.8 Feet
Weight: 3 stone 3 pound
Age: 6
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Hair Length: Long


Willing to Travel
Valid Passport


  • Manchester
  • English
  • Dance (general)
  • Street Dance
  • Tap
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming


Lexi has been attending dance classes since the age of 1 and a half years old. She attends a local performing and arts school once a week where she does stretch, general dancing, tap dancing, ballet and musical theatre. She has done 3 shows on stage as well since being 3, these were taken place at royal northern college of music Manchester  and The Lowry, Media City. Lexi was due to take part in 2 more shows this year but due to coronavirus these have been postponed until next year. Lexi is also working very hard to prepare for her first ever ballet exam. Lexi has recently started back at a new street dance class and has also started attending a contemporary class. Going to a local performing and arts school has helped Lexi to learn different skills and become more confident.   Lexi attends gymnastics to help her learn new skills, become more flexible and to help her gain even more confidence. During Lexi time at gymnastics she has received her level 7 and level 6 British gymnastics proficiency awards certificate. Lexi is currently working towards her level 5. Lexi has had some experience in kickboxing and she also attended a football class when she was 3 years old and left just before her 5th birthday because the classes only went up to the child turning 5 years old.