About Little Allstars

How does Little Allstars work?

Little Allstars are extremely selective with the children we take onto our books. We will only take on those we honestly feel have a good chance of getting work, whether this be for modelling, acting or indeed both. When our books are open, we will ask the Parent or Guardian to complete our Online Website Application.

Once we ACCEPT your child into the agency you will receive an email to confirm along with a Link to Sign up Directly on Casting Networks and further info for us the AGENCY to apply for SPOTLIGHT for you should your Child be over 4. Any Child under 4 does not need to be added until just before there 4th Birthday.

Why Do Little Allstars, not need to meet my child?

Little Allstars will either ask for Various Self Tapes of your child or if you attend LITTLE ALLSTARS DRAMA SCHOOL or Casting Masterclasses we will know what your child is suitable and capable of.

This is very important when clients get in touch with us directly knowing we have a fantastic success rate and they know Our Actors and Models are Fantastic to work with, Super confident and Fabulous at taking direction.

Do Little Allstars charge any fees and how does this work?

Should your child be accepted to join the agency, although we do not charge ‘registration fees’, you will be asked to cover the cost of an individual, fully searchable web page for your child, which is currently £40 including VAT for one year for the casting division, which covers Commercials, TV, Film, Stills Photographic, Stage and any other.

This is in compliance with the BIS, as the current legislation states that an upfront work finding service fee cannot be charged to those working as a photographic model only. The website fee also includes any updates to your child’s details throughout the year, Unlimited Modelcards, Unlimited downloadable CVs, Fully Accessible Website and Downloadable Invoices and Much More. Children must have head shots taken with our agency photographer at least once a year.

Our agency photographers ensure the whole website stays uniform and up to the same standard and means clients can easily compare models/artistes. Parents are welcome to send in their own additional shots throughout the year, which are held on file for clients to view upon request.

How does Little Allstars earn?

LITTLE ALLSTARS earns from commission. We take the standard 20/27.5% commission on all fees (excluding travel expenses). As we do not charge high registration fees, it is therefore clearly in the agency’s best interest to secure your child work.

Once my child is registered with Little Allstars, are they guaranteed work?

Unfortunately not no agency could possibly guarantee work, as they have no idea whatsoever what work will come into their offices from one day to the next, so will never know in advance who a client may select for their assignment. If an Agency has said they would guarantee you work then I would recommend avoiding as this is not True.

What happens once my child is registered with Little Allstars?

We will always submit your child for all assignments should your child meets the criteria. Sometimes we might contact you beforehand if the client requests us to do so to confirm availability on a number of shortlisted models or maybe to confirm a specific detail. We will not contact you each and every time your child is submitted for work. We expect you to keep us updated with your childs availability , any dates you can’t do and holidays booked.We also expect Parents to keep us updated with Height In CM , Shoe Size, Clothes size and Recent professional images. It’s in our best interest to submit your child for every suitable job so please trust us.

Please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Hurne should you have any further questions with are not listed above, Thank You