Sophie M


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Sophie M


Location: Crewe
Height: 4.7 Feet
Age: 10
Eye Colour: Blue-Grey
Hair Colour: Light/Mid Brown
Hair Length: Long


Willing to Travel
Valid Passport


  • Cheshire
  • Northern
      • Cycling
      • Gymnastics
      • Skateboarding
      • Trampoline


      Sophie sings with a company who attend her school once a week called “Rocksteady Primary Program” Sophie is a confidant, bubbly and cheerful girl who makes friends easily and takes direction very well. She is determined and focused and likes to succeed. Sophie is a very active and sporty girl, she enjoys playing most sports and is quite competitive. She is in a regional gymnastics squad and can do lots of tumbling tricks such as back handsprings and flips, she also attends competitions across the north west. She has just joined a girls football team also. She likes skateboarding and riding her bike. She is a huge Harry Potter and Disney fan.